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An Easy Way to Get Dirty Diesel Trucks Off Our Roads

air pollution April 2, 2020
The Ports are making it way too hard for trucking fleets to transition to clean trucks. They keep changing their policy plans. They keep delaying their policy plans. They keep confusing industry.

We need zero-emission trucks now

air pollution March 2, 2020
There are other steps the Ports can take to help guide this transition. For instance, the Ports can leverage the Drayage Truck Registry to assist in phasing-out diesel trucks.

Cargo owners opposition to fee

air pollution February 28, 2020
For all of the talk about the Clean Truck Rate and what it could mean to help our communities with cleaner air, no one has spent much time focusing on just who will pay the fee.

Price tag on your health

air pollution February 27, 2020
It is utterly inconceivable to us that leadership at the Ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach truly believe that for just $10 or $20 a container, we can clean up some of the worst pollution in Southern California.

The urgent need to reduce GHG emissions

air pollution February 26, 2020
Thousands of diesel trucks service the port every day. These diesel trucks are the largest source of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions from port businesses.

Talk is cheap!

air pollution February 17, 2020
Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti says he believes immediate action is needed to address the impact of climate change. We couldn’t agree more.

Will our leaders rise to the occasion?

air pollution February 14, 2020
This month, the Harbor Commissions in Los Angeles and Long Beach will have the opportunity to take thousands of diesel trucks off the road.

Cough, cough, cough

air pollution February 13, 2020
That’s the sound heard along the Long Beach (710) Freeway, where thousands of trucks ramble through every day — picking up cargo from the ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach and hauling it to communities along the 710, South LA, out to the Inland Empire and beyond. The diesel exhaust from these trucks is choking San Pedro, Wilmington, Long Beach and the communities of southeast L.A. County.